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The Pega business rules solution seamlessly integrates with many different services including with your current IT infrastructure. However, in order to maximize the potential of this tool, users need to be familiar with core Object-oriented approaches. Pega is not a good choice for small and mid-sized businesses.

IBM Operataional Decision Manager

IBM’s Operational Decision Manager is a powerful solution. As is often the case with complex solutions, business users will have a difficult time navigating IBM’s rules engine. The cause of confusion for most non-technical users is the fact that there are many different tools and consoles to create and manage rules.


Drools is an open-source Java-based Business Rules ManagementSystem (BRMS) solution. What is concering, is lack of security.Companies should only use Drools in secured environments

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Why is Hyperon better than other rules engines?

Hyper efficient

Hyperon Runtime is extremely fast. According to our benchmark, even 100,000 calculations canbe processed in around 90 seconds.

Elastic architecture

Hyperon adjusts to your business, not the otherway around. Hyperon works with any JVM based language and is so fast, your app users will not notice any lags.

Web browser based

Hyperon Studio is a webapplication, no more troubles with installing applications on users' desktops.

Cloud or on-premise

Self-host on Oracle, MsSQL, PostgreSQL, or go cloud with AWS, Azure, Docker, Google Cloud, and others

Respond to business needs faster. Define rules in run-time without relying on IT support

Focus on the challenges. Leave configuration work to the business people.

Our customers use Hyperon to develop innovative products and generate new revenue streams.

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