Environment configuration

Learn more about licenses and profiles.

Licenses  #

To see all registered licenses on your module go to Tools (main toolbar) and then to Licenses. On list for every component will be shown: 'License number', 'Licensee', 'Valid from' and 'Valid to', 'Permitted CPU cores' and 'Special Conditions'.

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To add new license click on 'New license' button and then type in (or paste) your license code.

'License Code' is given to you after purchase of selected Hyperon version.

Profiles  #

Option Profiles opens a list of profiles available on your Hyperon.

If you wish to know more about selected profile click on its name on the list. Then detail information window will appear.

There is only one option to do with profile in use – edition, in this case you can only edit description. When edition will be finished remember to click 'Save' button or 'Cancel' button - to remove changes. When there is a profile which is not used (have no Domain, Regions or Parameters) it may be 'Removed' (deleted).