Users configuration and access control

Users  #

When section Users is chosen from Tools (Toolbar) list of users is shown, only those has access to Hyperon module that you are working on (but not to your private sessions until publishing).

If you want to create new user select Add button and set user properties. When detail information are needed click on the line with selected user to learn more about him.

Here are few things you can do as administrator (since your role -in this example - is MPP_ADMIN):

  • 'Edit' user profile
  • check 'Login History'
  • 'Change Password'
  • 'Block' - take his ability to enter Hyperon (may be Unlock any time)
  • 'Close account' – delete user

Grants  #

Every Grant allows to use one or few functions in Hyperon system, for example authority to read list of parameters, change parameter etc. Kinds of privileges available to users are form by designers from Hyperon team. Never the less nothing stay on your way to set new grants. Next Chapter will be all about Roles which are the set of selected grants. That means that Role has one or more grants and if some user have this role may use all the grants included. Every user in the system may have one or more roles.

List of grants

To see list of grants go to Tools in main toolbar and select Grants. Grants are permissions for user to execute selected activities, the set of grants creates a Role. Available is operation New – which after clicking operation button shows window allowing to create new Grant.

Filter form allows you to look for specific Grant by 'Code', 'Description', 'Creation date' and 'Roles' – just type your search parameters in to search line. Enter button will apply your criteria to search action.

Creating new Grant

Click on button

then window will show:

As you can see there are two operations available: 'Save' and 'Cancel'. Their function is standard: 'Save' – to apply changes and 'Cancel'- to remove them and go back to grants list. As always need to create unique 'Code' for your element. Then, if you want, write some description, to make clear what your Grant is all about (for what it is dedicated). To 'assign role' place your cursor on it click left button and then click arrow pointing on empty window (on the right). Every role in right window will be assign to this grant. To remove role from right window, click on it and then on left pointing arrow button. If you’re satisfied with new grant definition remember to click save to apply changes in to application.

Grants edition

Every grant may be submitted to changes, by using operation edit. To do so find that grant on the list, then click on it. Then Grants’ details will show, for example:

Then click on 'edit' button and apply any changes you seem fitting (any additional information about edition will find in previous chapter). Remember to save your changes or click 'cancel' if you want to remove any changes you’ve made so far. 'Cancel' removes changes made after last saving.

Roles  #

In this chapter you will learn about roles list and adding new roles.

Roles list

To see role list click on Tools and then Roles (in roll down menu). Then Role list table will show:

In here you may search in roles by 'Code', 'Description', 'Creation date' and 'Users' (in search line). Available are operations: 'New' (add new), 'Import from XLSx' and 'Export to XLSx'.To see detail about selected role click on its’ line in the table. Then will see Users assigned to selected role and assigned grants.

New role

There are two ways to set a new role:

  • Import from XLSx file - if you chose to do it this way, we recommend to export role table and create new line in it and fill it as you want new role to be. That way will avoid errors occurring from wrong table format.
  • Create new role inside application, by clicking button 'New'

When button New is clicked window will follow:

While creating 'New role' as usual have to type in unique 'Code' and (optional) 'Description'. Then you may decide which users will have that role (Assigned users) and 'Assign Grants' to the Role. If you want to add 'User' or Grant to role click on element and then on right pointing arrow icon. To remove element from role click on element and then left pointing arrow. When all is done click 'save' to apply changes. If you are not satisfied with your role click 'Cancel' to remove it and go back to 'Role list'.

Edit role

If you wish to make some changes in selected role click on it on the list. Then detail information about role will show. And option Edit will be available in to right corner. In edition mode you may introduce any modification available in creation mode, which means: 'Code', 'Description', 'Assigned users' or 'Assigned Grants'.

Export role

This option generates and downloads role table as XLSx file. There are three sheets describing roles.

  • Roles – with basic data about roles : 'Code' and 'Description'
  • Rights – with basic data about rights: 'Code' and 'Description'
  • Roles-rights with information with 'Role code' is connected to which 'Right code'

Tags  #

Tags are helpful tools to search for parameters and functions. They work as label, which can be assign to different elements in the system. Selected elements may be searched by listing tags in field of our interest. Tags have no influence on work of Hyperon system, they are there only for our convenience.

Tags list

To show tag list go to Domain, Tags. Then on the screen you will see list of all existing tags. Available operations:

  • Add new tag
  • Export to XLSx
  • Import from XLSx

Click on selected tag to see details.

Operations from toolbar:

  • Edit – make changes in tag
  • To functions – shows all functions with this tag
  • To parameters – shows all parameters with that tag
  • Remove - delete tag

New Tag

When button

is clicked new line on the list will appear. Declare name, description and access control (true or false means yes or no) to create Tag. Then click save

Save icon

button in top right corner or cancel

Cancel icon

button to abort. If you decide to create new tag with access control check access control checkbox. Then it will be available only for selected users which have roles (more in chapter 8.9) : PAR_R_CAT_CONFIDENTIAL and PAR_W_CAT_CONFIDENTIAL have ability to read, see, use and input changes in that Tag. If Roles won’t be assigned only user who created Tag will see it and may change it.

Export Tag

'Export Tag' creates a XLSx file – table with three columns: Name, Description and Access control as there is in detail information about tag. When file is created you may download it on your computer.

Import Tag

Create three column, two rows matrix. Column should be named: Name , Description, Access control. Second row is for new tag definition. Remember that all columns must be filled. Column Access Control should be filled as Boolean. Then import your file. To import tag it is recommended to Export empty tag file. Fill Columns and then import tag to Hyperon system.