How to pin condition in parameter in OUT level (in which we want Boolean)?

If your parameter have all OUT columns like below:

You may do two things :

1. Use cascade function

Use cascade to function or another parameter detail described in this tutorial.

$f is function responsible for checking if assurance sum is more than 30000 units (as example). If condition is fulfilled then returns true in decision column. Example shows how to implement such condition for underwriting, condition for PKD code should be done using the same rule.


2. Expand criterion

Expand criterion in this parameter, which means add SU as IN column:

In matrix:

  • 5000 - * is understood as range: any number from 5000 to infinity - this works only if matcher between was checked in parameter definition
  • * means - everything is a match

We are still focusing on SU condition, PKD code should be checked in separate column using the same rule.