How to provide a list to a parameter and get a result list on output?

Let's assume that our parameter is defined like:

[ IN (union, contains/any) | OUT]

[status.code | limit]

  • A --> 100
  • B --> 200
  • C, D --> 300
  • E --> 400
Example #1

status.code = A, B

result = 100, 200

Example #2

status.code = C, E, A

result = 100, 300, 400


  • Value on the input after matching is „source value”, it is what we link as „IN”.
  • If matcher is type „contains/*”, then as an assumption „source value” is a pack and patterns in cells are also a pack.
  • Those packs are string with value separate by commas.

In conclusion

Input pack: C, E, A

Parameter will find all the values for which matcher gives value „TRUE”.

This method works even for long IN packages, remember to set macher as UNION. it’s better to use „contains/*” then „in” type of matcher.