Is there a possibility to control which parameters are seen by a user?

That is what tags with access control are all about (to version Hyperon 1.4 those were called ‘categories’, it changed to ‘tags’ since version 1.5)

For example, there are 4 parameters like:

  • pro.par.a
  • pro.par.b
  • tst.par.c
  • tst.par.d

Create tag TST (examplary name) then, check checkbox ”access control”. Next, impute that tag to as many parameters as needed, with following steps:

  1. Enter filter for the name Select checkbox on the top – it adds all, that matches, the filter to so-called working-set On the taskbar, on the right in menu, there is an option ”set category”.
  2. Add tag TST to all selected parameters
  3. When tag TST is created, it also requires creating two grants: PAR_R_CAT_TST - for reading every parameter with tag TST and PAR_W_CAT_TST - to save every parameter with tag TST

Now only users with grants:

  • PAR_R_CAT_TST can read those parameters
  • PAR_W_CAT_TST can edit those parameters

Search for tags

When searching for parameters marked with tags, you can combine few tags by typing:

  • A B C - show parameters with tags A, B and C
  • A B -C - show parameters with tags A and B but without C

Example 1

Search: dict po

Result: Dictionary, podmiot and Dictionary, polisa

Example 2

Search: dict po -lisa

Result: Dictionary, Podmiot

Same rules applies to:

  • name filter
  • tag filter
  • region filter
  • input levels filter

Create a new role with access for selected tag

Go to Tools > Roles in the menu, and then click + New (top right corner)



Choose selected users to assign role and selected privileges to assign.

Selected Users: test (example)

Assigned privileges:

  • PAR_R
  • PAR_W
  • PAR_R_CAT_TST - ability to read
  • PAR_W_CAT_TST - ability to modify

(Now selected users ex. User ‘test’ will see and can change all TST tagged parameters because he has role ROLE_TST)

This mechanism has been working since version 1.4.10.