More questions

Is it a bad practice to call Hyperon parameters and functions from level of java code?

Yes, everything should be done through the Domain (given it is defined).

Is Hyperon Runtime going to work on java 1.7?

Only for Hyperon versions previous to 1.5.79. Every version since 1.5.79 runs on Java 8.

Does Hyperon Persistence support primitives types collections? What if as a result getter shows primitive type data, when it should be a collection?

Hyperon Persistence does not support collections of primitive type – you will have to create type such as StringContainer which has a single field “string” and then use it as Collection.

How to set range of values within IN cell of the parameter?

In column „IN” definition choose matcher: between/ie or between/ii Now in column „IN” you can set range like: a-b or a:b Available matchers:

  • between/ii reads your values as range: (both sides closed, value a and b are included in set range)
  • between/ie reads your values as range a is included in set range

Can Hyperon run on min 256MB max 1GB RAM server capability?

It’s really risky, because Vaadin GUI needs more RAM, at least in range : 512 MB to 2GB. However it is recommended to stay with max 3GB.