Hyperon is Cost-Effective 

Our pricing directly relates to your level of usage. Unlike other tools that charge you per number of users or API calls, we want you to build rules and permissions the way you see fit and not have to worry about some pricing scheme.

Our tests have proven that the throughput - the number of calls per second - depends only on the computing power you assign to Hyperon runtime. Therefore, the price is only based on the number of CPU cores (or virtual CPUs in the case of cloud and virtual environments) assigned to it. 

We don’t group our clients into small businesses and large enterprises. Instead, our focus is on how Hyperon can help run your business. If your organization only requires a small number of rules that are rarely evaluated, then the price will be low.

However, if you require a large set of rules, then Hyperon becomes more expensive. 

Don’t forget, however, that Hyperon’s performance still makes the price extremely competitive.

Our Two Pricing Models

Amazon Web Services

This hourly pricing model enables Hyperon users to optimize their budget by allowing them to scale their servers.
Keep in mind that this is your instance of Hyperon, not SaaS, which means that you have full control over your data.

To learn more about our pricing, head over to the AWS Marketplace.

Annual Subscription 

The yearly subscription model is similar to the CPU-based usage one. It’s more suitable for companies that need to stay out of the public cloud.

For more details - contact us.

Success Stories

Our customers use Hyperon to develop innovative products and generate new revenue streams. These are their sucess stories.