Build rules and permissions the way you see fit and don't worry about the pricing scheme

Hyperon is Cost-Effective
Hyperon's costs depend
only on the scale of its use.
What does this Mean?
Unlike other companies, we do not calculate costs based on the number of users and accounts, or the number of rules.
The price is only based on the number of CPU cores (or virtual CPUs in the case of cloud and virtual environments) assigned, which reflects the actual use of Hyperon.We focus on how Hyperon can help empower your business, and your business only incurs costs when this happens.
Pricing models
Amazon Web Services
Hourly pricing (starting from $0.63/hr)
Users can optimize their budgets by scaling their servers
To learn more about this pricing, head over to AWS Marketplace
Annual subscription
(starting from $10 000)
CPU-based usage
More suitable for companies that need to stay out of the public cloud
Customized Pricing
The models presented above do not meet your needs?
Don't worry, we have a flexible approach to find the right solution for your business.
Contact us and we will prepare an offer tailored specifically to your needs.

Our architects and programmers will be happy to advise you free of charge on your architecture and provide advice on best practices in using Hyperon.

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