Company behind Hyperon

Hyperon is the product of Decerto, Polish software house founded in 2006. The company specializes in large scale projects that requires complicated and sophisticated business logic involving pricing engines , for instance the insurance industry, where the logic is built based on econometrics models crafted by actuaries.

Decerto is European firm, based in Warsaw, Poland. Nowadays the company hires around 130 people - mostly Java developers.

Learning the hard way

In 2010 we started the project for one of the largest insurance companies in Poland. We knew from the very beginning that the logic must not be hardcoded, because the tariff changes on the regular basis.Our first choice was to keep the values corresponding with the business logic in the data tables. The changes limited to numbers and strings were relatively easy to maintain. However the problems occurred, when more complex changes, such as the formulas modifications, were needed, because the structure was still hardcoded.

We have learnt the hard way, why the logic has to parametrized, and Hyperon is our answer for all the pains we had to endure.

Marcin Nowak

Board member, Decerto

Every change of the formula did not limit itself to the code, but we also had to modify data tables. Thousand of interdependencies were hard to follow, so every change was process that lasted a few weeks, including not only the development and the implementation, but several rounds of tests as well.

Maybe BRMS?

Existing Business Rules Management Systems seemed a good solution, but it didn't include all possibilities we needed. Sometimes the parameter can be a function itself. We also emphasized the importance of the performance. We found other tools, even tough they were great in general,  performed too slow for our purposes.After testing response time, we decided to develop our own solution, with more intuitive interface. Our main goal was to save time during the initial phase of development and the maintenance.The side effect of an intuitive interface was the omission of the IT department during the business logic change. The business specialist can do it by his or her own. Hyperon and its predecessor MPP were implemented during several large scale projects. We worked on its performance as well as conducted usability research.We are proud of Hyperon and certain it will save you as much time as saved for us and our clients.


Hyperon is 100% financed and bootstrapped by Decerto. Over the years Hyperon team has grown and today it consists of 8 members: Marcin Nowak as Product Owner, five Java developers, a business analyst and a UX/UI designer.

Our customers use Hyperon to develop innovative products and generate new revenue streams.

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