Deploying Hyperon

Bootstrap Hyperon Runtime with Spring Boot Starter (since version 2.1.0)


  • Java 11
  • Maven 3.x
  • Spring Boot

Maven configuration

Apart from standard spring bootdependencies, you need to include hyperon-runtime-spring-boot-starter dependency, available in Maven Central.

Add hyperon-runtime-spring-boot-starter dependency to pom.xml file:


Another needed dependency is the JDBC driver to the database of choice, e.g., h2, oracle, mssql, postgresql:



With the above setup, all the configuration that is needed is file with database properties:


By default, by including hyperon-runtime-spring-boot-starter Spring Boot with try to auto-configure HyperonEngine component using previously supplied database properties failing with adequate message if properties are not available.

Using auto-configured HyperonEngine

After successfully configuring properties while starting the application, spring will create HyperonEngine bean available in the spring application context, which can then be injected anywhere:

public class HyperonClient {
	private HyperonEngine engine;

Overriding default configuration

To override default auto-configuration, you need to define HyperonEngine bean in the @Configuration class:

public HyperonEngine hyperonEngine() {
	HyperonEngineFactory factory = new HyperonEngineFactory();
	return factory.create();

Existing auto-configured DataSource and HyperonRuntimeProperties can be used simply by injecting them:

public HyperonEnginehyperonEngine(
	HyperonRuntimeProperties properties,
	@Qualifier("hyperonDataSource") DataSource dataSource
) {}

Disabling Hyperon

If you want to disable hyperon temporarily for some reason, you can do it with property hyperon.runtime.enabled set to false: