Snapshot export

Filter for parametrs and functions

To export selected elements (only for parameters and functions) the user may use the filter by name available in Snapshot Export (Tools/Export Snapshot). That allows exporting all elements with name/code starting with filtered by words.

For example, if we want to export only functions with names starting with: util. and group.product. Type 'util.' in the filter by name window and click plus symbol. Your filter will show below with x-sign next to it (click to delete filter). You may apply as many filters as you need, all of them will be considered in export with logical OR. What, in our example, means that all functions with a name starting with words util or group.product will be exported. The applied filter goes by function names and chose only those functions with a name starting with filtered by words. First words in function name have to be exactly the same as in filter, in any other case function will not get exported in the snapshot.

Filter distinguishes:

  • capital letters
  • small letters
  • signs
  • numbers


We have four functions with name including util word:

  • util.calculateAge
  • group.util.offer.calculatePremium
  • util.literalString
  • utilSystem.dictionaryWraper

If we apply filter util only functions:

  • util.calculateAge
  • util.literalString

will get exported.