Using the functions

Function Logging Levels

Version 1.20.3 of Hyperon has introduced anew functionality – configurable function logging level. It enables You to decide which types of logs are visible when executing function and which are not. Each function now has its own logging level. You can check and edit it on the each function screen.

You can also set a global function logging level which overrides logging levels of individual functions. To do so, You need to create a parameter with code system.function.logging.level . It has to contain input of value type string, value source named code and matcher of type text/regex. It also requires output of type string.


An example of such parameter should look similar to this:

As an output value we can use only the following values: OFF, ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE which correspondto the logging level.


The function logging level hierarchy is shown on the below diagram:

If global function logging level overrides function logging level, a warning is displayed on the function screen.