Hyperon Runtime Rest

How to run Hyperon Runtime REST


Hyperon Runtime REST is a Java application and can run with any Java 8 or higher on Windows, MacOS X and Linux/Unix.


To run Runtime-Rest from cli you must pass four properties:

  • loader.path - path to jdbc driver
  • hyperon.database.url
  • hyperon.database.username
  • hyperon.database.password


java -Dloader.patch=C\jdbc\driver -jar target\hyperon-runtime-rest-1.8.22.jar

-- hyperon.database.url=”jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost/XE”
-- hyperon.database.username=”admin”
-- hyperon.database.password=”admin”


To run Hyperon Runtime REST as a docker image, you need to build a separate docker image based on hyperonio/runtime-rest image.

You need to add your database driver jar and run Hyperon Runtime REST jar with additional path.


FROM hyperonio/runtime-rest:latest

ARG DRIVER_JAR=dbDriver.jar
COPY ${DRIVER_JAR} driver.jar
ENTRYPOINT [‘’java’’,’’-Dloader.path=driver.jar’’, ‘’-jar’’,’’/hyperon-runtime-rest.jar’’]

Additionally, you need to pass 3 properties:

  • hyperon.database.url
  • hyperon.database.username
  • hyperon.database.password

Invocation example:

docker run -p 8080:8080 -e hyperon.database.url=jdbc:oracle:thin:@//localhost:1521/ORADB1

-e hyperon.database.username=admin
-e hyperon.database.pasword=password
-t my-container