Using the parameters

Using parameters as a source of dictionary values

This article provides configuration steps to implement the functionality – a decision table defined as a dictionary used as a source value for other decision table matrixes.

Restrictions associated with a dictionary type decision table

  • dictionary has exactly one output level
  • dictionary being in use cannot be deleted
  • dictionary cannot be defined as an external source
  • dictionary cannot have region versions assigned to it
  • decisiontable containing input level or several levels defined cannot be marked as a dictionary, only a decision table with one output level can be marked as a dictionary
  • decisiontable being in use as a dictionary cannot be unmarked as a dictionary
  • during import, the parameters defined as dictionaries are loaded first, if the imported parameter/parameters use a dictionary that is not defined and is not included in the imported group, the import will end with an error

Defining dictionary

To define the decision table as a dictionary there is a checkbox “Dictionary” that needs to be marked.

One output level definition needs to be provided. A simple dictionary definition example is shown below:

Usage of dictionary

After successfully adding a new dictionary, a newtype for any input or output level in the decision table definition can be used:

When some level of the decision table is set to dictionary type, the table matrix allows inserting only values from the selected dictionary. Allowed values are also prompt in the list:

Level values provided in matrix inherit type from the dictionary. As in the example for input level, it is Integer.