Snapshot import

REST import endpoint

Endpoint for Snapshot Import takes zip file the same way as the superpack functionality does.

Besides zip file api takes new parameters since 1.6.41:

  • autocommit: true / false (default). Informs the system, if after successful snapshot import, it should try to publish all imported changes, if there were any in user's session.

path   /api/snapshot                  (for Hyperon Studio versions 1.6.40 and older)

             /api/snapshot/import   (since 1.6.41 Hyperon Studio version)

method: POST

consumes: multipart/form-data

return code:

  • 200 - if successful,
  • 500 - when something went wrong

response body (example):

    "message": "everything ok", //exists if message not empty 
    "importStatus": "OK",
        "param": {...},
        "function": {...}