Snapshot export

Tags export

Tag file system structure

In the snapshot ZIP file, any directories with names starting with '@' have special meaning. They define the structure of the snapshot file.

Directory structure

The part of the directory tree of the snapshot zip file related to tags has the following structure:

/ (root directory of ZIP file)
+--Other optional content (directories or files)
   |  +-- files with definition of access control tags
      +-- files with definition of tags without access control

@tags/ directory

Located in a top-level zip file directory and contains the tag content.

There are two subdirectories of the @tags/ directories:

  • @access/ - stores all tags with access control flag
  • @basic/ - stores tags without access control flag

Except for these two subdirectories, the @tags/ directory is not supposed to contain any other files or directories.

@access/ directory

Located under @tags directory contains files with definitions of tags with access control.

@basic/ directory

Located under @tags directory contains files with definitions of tags without access control.

Tag description file

Overall file structure

The content of the tag definition file is in the Toml configuration file format. At this moment only optional tag's description attribute is available. File example:

description = "description_of_tag"

A tag's definition file might be empty. 

File names and extensions

A tag's definition file should have the .tag extension. The base file name (file without extension)  is interpreted as tag's name. For example, a file MY_TAG.tag describes "MY_TAG" tag in Hyperon.


File with tag's definition is encoded using UTF-8.

Exporting Tags in Hyperon Studio

To export tags in Hyperon Studio, go to Tools → Snapshot Export, check tag checkbox, you do NOT need to choose profiles from which tags should be exported, because Tags are not assigned to any profile. Just click the Export button and the export popup will appear. When the export is finished and no errors occurred, click the Download button to download snapshot in the zip file. If any error during export happens, an error message will be shown and the Download button will be unavailable to click.

Exporting Tags via REST

Endpoint path, method, response statuses are available here: REST export endpoint

To export tags via REST, the section below must be present in a REST request

   "profiles":["PROFILE_1"],   // which profiles should be used for export. If not present, user's currently selected profile is chosen  
   "tags": true