From Excel to Hyperon

Some organization moved their business logic to Excel files, that are integrated with several systems. Of course, such approach has its advantages, if you compare it to hard code everything alternative:

  • Business users are familiar with Excel, so they can create and modify business logic without the need of programming nor IT specialists.
  • Excel supports many complicated mathematical functions.

However, this solution is not perfect:

  • The structure gets more and more complicated as it involves more spreadsheets.
  • It's hard to maintain the files, because there are kept locally. Sometimes the changes aren't merged, if two or more users work on the same file simultaneously.
  • You have to hard code some logic in order to interpret Excel files and keep them in sync.

If you want to keep all the advantages of keeping the business logic in Excel files and eliminate all its flaws, consider migrating the business logic to Hyperon. Your architecture will get so much clearer and easier to maintain.

Business rules and parameters kept in Excel

Rings represent systems using business logic kept in spreadsheets.

Business logic kept in Excel files is hard to maintain

Business rules and parameters kept in Hyperon

Rings represent systems using business logic kept in Hyperon.

Business logic kept in Hyperon is easy to maintain

More possibilities

  • your business user will be able still work in Excel thank to import/export feature,
  • you will manager user privileges easily,
  • create and maintain many versions of the parametrization.



Web UI that lets users to manage their business rules


Engine embeddable as a lightweight jar

Rest api

Evaluate parameters or functions via HTTP


Create multiple versions of the business logic and schedule them in a timeline


Design any domain you want to configure with business logic


Groovy-based scripting language that lets users to extend decision tables


Optional fast persister of domain model data


Monitor the usage of decision tables and DSL scripts or functions

Import / Export
To Excel

You can import / export configuration from / to Excel

demo for free

If you’re a programmer who is not afraid to get her or his hands dirty with the code, you can download special demo related to this use case:

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