Use case

Pricing tariff configurator

Many services are based on elastic offer that adjusts according to the customer's choices, therefore presents different prices. It's typical for the following industries: insurance, telecommunication, banking (especially in case of loans and mortgage). Hyperon lets you configure pricing for each offer. The simplest way to achieve it is to enter pricing table. However in more complex scenarios you can configure algorithms based on matrix tables and business rules. The tariff can be created and managed by the business users. Calculation results are shown in the client's application.

Easy and elastic configuration thanks to user interface
Hyperon let you configure whichever tariff you want. From complex offer to simple financial product. All in the graphical user interface.
For business and IT users
The tariff configuration can be dealt with by the IT users (programmers or analysts) or by the business user, who are not familiar with dev tools.
Easy integration: native or via API
The tariff engine can be used as external module connected through API with several systems or as a part of the application itself.
Hyper efficient
If Hyperon is an internal module of the application itself, the Hyperon Runtime library ensures each request is served in milliseconds.
Short time to market
Thanks to the right approach to the tariff structure, modification or duplicating the tariff for new products is much easier.
You can version the whole tariff or just its specific elements. Hyperon supports many versions simultaneously. Versions can also be scheduled.
Import / export do Excel
Your business user prefer Excel? No worry. Hyperon let’s you import and export parameter values from / to Excel files.
Configure tariff as a parameter
Hyperon - configure pricing tariff as a parameter
Configure tariff as a function
Hyperon - configure pricing tariff as a function