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Managing hard-coded business rules or data dictionaries is painful.  Hyperon makes it easy, because you can:
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Hyperon use cases
Business Rules Management System
Hyperon focuses on the performance. It is designed to easily handle large decision tables. The rules engine uses in-memory structures and carefully designed matching algorithm to search large decision tables (1M rows and more) in few microseconds. At the same time, developers and business experts may modify business logic without touching application’s code.
Decision Matrix
Create decision matrix in Hyperon. Define input and output columns and then populate data matrix with values in rows.
Data Dictionary
Sample dictionaries implemented in Hyperon: Addresses, Vehicles, Risks and riders (insurance), Specification data (ecommerce)
Dynamic Pricing Model
Hyperon lets you configure pricing for each offer. The simplest way to achieve it is to enter pricing table. However in more complex scenarios you can configure algorithms based on matrix tables and business rules. The tariff can be created and managed by the business users.
Scoring Engine
Scoring model is a mathematical model which takes many input variables (customer’s data) and converts them all to a single score that represents customer’s creditworthiness. Often scoring models come as numerous decision tables that compute partial scores which are then weighted and added together.
Product Catalog
The product metadata is used in several IT systems supporting different business processes (especially sales).
Reference Data Management
Postal codes, addresses, countries - those are one common examples of reference data. Several systems in company’s architecture use them in order to keep the data coherent and standardized. Hyperon lets you to create any data structure you want and use it in multiple systems thanks to API.
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My name is Marcin Nowak and I’m Hyperon co-owner and board member of Decerto (software house employing over 120 programmers).
As most of IT managers, I started out as a developer in 2001. I have taken part in dozens of successful implementations of Hyperon and I’m more than happy to share my experience.
Marcin Nowak
Board member, Decerto