What is Hyperon?
Hyperon is a tool for managing business rules: the instructions that tell your enterprise software how your company runs, like which customers are eligible for which products, or how to dynamically price your services in response to changing conditions.
Hyperon makes it easy for your line managers to fine-tune these rules in real-time, responding to a rapidly changing operating environment without needing to wait for changes in the software’s code.
Hyperon makes it fast and easy to adjust your business rules,
without having to change the underlying code of your software.
It’s 62 times faster than the open-source Drools,
the most popular business rules engine.
Hyperon offers an intuitive interface, making it accessible to
ordinary business users, not just the IT department.
Hyperon is compatible with any tech stack,
such as Java, .NET and Python.
You can make changes in real time,
without having to shut down the system.
Hyperon offers flexible versioning options,
making it easy to undo changes.
All of that adds up to a short time to market: Hyperon lets
you respond to changing market conditions in real time.
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Free trial
Hyperon is FREE for development use. You can download it, configure it and test out its abilities in the development environment without any financial commitment.
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I’ve taken part in dozens of successful implementations of Hyperon, and I’m more than happy to share my experience if you have any questions – just drop me a line.
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Free consultations
When you purchase a Hyperon license, you’ll have access to our consultancy, configuration and development services. Our architects and programmers will be happy to advise you free of charge on your architecture, and provide advice on best practices in using Hyperon. If you need additional support, we’re also able to provide development work, configuration and solution testing for an additional fee.