Decision tables engine & business rules
 management system for Java applications 
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We encourage you to contact us and we can prepare proof of concept for you. Moreover you can test run Hyperon on your own - just install the bundle and one of our demo apps from github.
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Hyperon is business domain driven business rule engine supporting matrix decision tables and functions. The question is: what do you want to parametrize? Do not hesitate, to ask us:
Is Hyperon good fit for my business?
Hyperon architecture: key actors, DB, runtime and studio
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License price guarantee
We guarantee we will keep the annual license price virtually the same over time. We only reserve right to price adjustments implied by inflation and exchange differences.
Support and SLA
Our dedicated support team responses in less than 4h time on average. We also explain thoroughly how each feature works to all Studio users.
No vendor lock
Hyperon is installed on your infrastructure. All parameters and business domain belong to you and if you decide to change BMRS technology, you can export parameters to XLS.
You can body lease Hyperon consultant, who will work with on the daily basis and help you configure domain and maintain parameters.
Still not sure? My name is Marcin Nowak and I’m Hyperon co-owner and board member of Decerto (software house employing over 120 programmers). As most of IT managers, I started out as a developer in 2001. I have taken part in dozens of successful IT projects (including implementations of Hyperon) and I’m more than happy to share my experience with you.
Marcin Nowak
Head of Sales
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