Dutch insurer NN’s Warsaw-based unit is one of the biggest life insurers in Poland, with separate sales, policy and operations systems. Benefits on insurance policies are adjusted for inflation (index) each year. NN can’t afford any discrepancies between the systems, so the company uses Hyperon to maintain central and coherent product definitions and tariff versioning.


Use cases

Central product repository

Life insurance product configurations and metadata used across the entire architecture are maintained in one place: Hyperon, which communicates with other systems through an API.

Pricing configurator

Pricing calculation algorithms are defined and updated in Hyperon. Tariff versioning is of the utmost importance when handling long-standing policies concluded years ago on different terms.

Data dictionary repository

Reference data (e.g. postal codes, countries) is also kept in one place and reused in many systems.

Printout content management system

Every text to be printed (such as policies, offers) can be edited in Hyperon.


That makes Hyperon the best fit for the kind of rules-heavy projects found often in the finance or insurance industries.


Efficiency in a complex architecture

Hyperon keeps track of hundreds of parameters used in several systems, with no lags perceived.

Parameters are updated without a new software version

Modifications to parameters don’t require releasing new software versions. Some changes go unnoticed by the systems communicating with Hyperon.

Flexible and quick configuration

Most changes don’t involve any coding thanks to the graphical user interface.