Warta, the second largest insurer in Poland and part of the Talanx group, introduced new tool for agents’ day to day work, including all sales processes. The solution had to be user-friendly, but also fast and scalable.


Insurance in Poland is a very competitive market. You always have to be one step ahead of your competitors. That’s why we have decided to use Hyperon as a product configurator. Now our business staff can introduce changes to our product offerings or pricing, so our IT department can focus on delivering completely new features. Hyperon has brought a new level of agility to our organization.

Łukasz Piskorski

Project Manager, Warta

Use cases

Pricing configurator

Each product has its own pricing structure consisting of functions and decision tables. Whenever the actuarial model is updated and the pricing strategy is changed, the application is modified on the fly thanks to Hyperon.

Product dictionary

Product metadata is kept all in one place, which is used as the reference data system.

Frontend configurator

Various frontend elements attributes are parametrized and configured in Hyperon, therefore business user may modify them without IT involvement.

User privileges matrix

There are more than 50 user profiles based on several factors. User privileges configuration is integrated with third-party log in authorization.


That makes Hyperon the best fit for the kind of rules-heavy projects found often in the finance or insurance industries.


Response time is faster than 100 milliseconds

The result is even more impressive considering the number of third-party systems (including legacy systems from the late 1990s) that the software communicates with.

Distributed architecture

The system can be used by thousands of agents simultaneously thanks to its distributed caching and computing power.

Business user are independent from IT

Thanks to parametrization of many elements in the frontend application, business users can change the application without involving the IT department.