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Use Cases
Hyperon can be used to implement various scoring models. It is designed to easily handle large decision tables.

Moreover, Hyperon offers a scripting language that allows users to write short functions that expand the capabilities of decision tables.

Learn how Hyperon can be used to implement various scoring models.

Scoring Engine
The challenge insurers face today is that underwriters are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of applications that need to be processed.

Using Hyperon to automate underwriting processes, insurance companies can attract new clients with a quick application process that gives quotes in record time, develop innovative insurance policies in real-time at competitive prices and boost productivity of their underwriters.

Product consists of several attributes and interdependencies. The structure might include subgroups and packages within.

Hyperon’s intuitive tree structure can flexibly modify and manage a wide range of product information.

All product definitions are kept in one place and any update doesn't require releasing new versions of other systems.

Product Catalog
Hyperon allows users to create any set of reference data to use in multiple systems by API.

For example postal codes, addresses, cars, professions, product catalog, etc.

All the data is stored in one application so you can easily integrate and use them in different systems

Data Management
Which Industries Benefit the Most from Using Hyperon
Hyperon has proved its usage in:
Insurance Underwriting
Tariff Management
Insurance Claims Management
Insurance is an inherently complex and dynamic industry, constantly growing its wide selection of products that need to be highly personalized.
Each insurance policy needs to be properly priced in order to reflect the needs and circumstances of a particular customer.

Hyperon helps insurers to start leveraging end embracing data in managing products and offering highly personalized solutions to customers, in real-time. Business and non-IT users can make instant changes and market new products in a matter of minutes.
& Finance
Hyperon can empower financial institutions to
streamline important processes such as:
Product Eligibility
Credit Scoring
Data Validation
Compliance & Fraud Detection
Customer Self-Service
Cross-sell and Upsell Opportunities
Hyperon allows banks to segment clients and customize services quickly and securely.
Banks also use rules engines to develop new financial products while maintaining pricing accuracy and compliance. As a result, new products enter the market in a matter of days instead of weeks or months.
With Hyperon retailers can:
Provide online consumers with customer-centric product information and offers.
Add new items and update
existing ones on the fly.
Establish immediate responses
to dynamic price changes
The retail industry is dynamic with many moving parts. In order to compete, retailers must enter new markets while improving their range of products.
This means that they need to keep track of their supply chain and meet consumer demand at the same time.

As a result, retail businesses update many of their business rules on a daily basis. For example, the shipping price could change every week, so retailers can’t wait days or weeks to make these sorts of changes to the system.
& media
Hyperon is a powerful product catalog that empowers non-technical business users to build, update, and manage all of their complex products with a single user-friendly interface.

As a result, Hyperon drastically shortens time-to-market, cuts down on expenses, and eliminates potentially costly mistakes.
Telecoms have thousands of products comprising pricing, customer segments, distribution channels, packages, promotions, and subscriptions.
Managing such complex portfolios can quickly become difficult and inefficient as new products and variations are introduced.

That’s why telecoms use product catalogs to handle their products in one place.
& Travel
Hyperon offers real-time analysis of changing circumstances and hyper-fast introduction of changes to ensure the profitability of individual products, and thus the entire business.
This is a very competitive industry that requires an almost immediate reaction to any change. It is not easy, given the complexity of the offers.
Product prices must take into account many factors, such as hotel rates, attractions, food rates, current occupancy levels of planes or hotels, and even fuel prices.

The multitude of factors shaping the offer at the same time makes it difficult to ensure the profitability of individual products without specialized tools.
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