This leading global insurer started using Hyperon for a single property product, later expanding it to most of its property, life and group products in Poland. Hyperon is also used by several other IT companies that work with Allianz within its infrastructure.


Use cases

Sales process configurator

Hyperon users may modify attributes of frontend sales process components, such as whether a field is displayed for a particular product, and whether or not input is mandatory.

Health questionnaire designer

Some life insurance products require clients to fill in a health questionnaire. Because the questions and answers are defined in Hyperon, they can be modified easily: reordering them and changing labels, but also editing the algorithm and deciding premium increases or reductions, or the rules and amounts of loading.

Insurance coverage customization

One risk might be reused in many products, but with different attributes, for instance the sum insured or premium ranges or conditional availability with additional requirements for clients (such as age, cross-sell).

Investment simulation algorithm

Products that include investment funds provide clients with simulations based on several factors, e.g. optimistic, realistic or pessimistic scenario. The algorithm is maintained in Hyperon.

Document printouts conditions

Generated and printed policies and offers are subject to business rules determining whether to include or exclude parts of a document, or change the contents.


That makes Hyperon the best fit for the kind of rules-heavy projects found often in the finance or insurance industries.


Faster development cycle

In Allianz, Hyperon is used primarily by developers, who have accelerated their development and implementation cycles by keeping configuration and business logic in parameters.

One Hyperon, many systems

A single Hyperon instance is used by Allianz (the license owner) and by several IT vendors, thanks to the organization of workspaces in the profiles and privileges settings. That means Hyperon is integrated with not one but many Allianz IT systems.