Cardif is the insurance unit of France’s BNP Paribas, the largest bank in the eurozone. The company needed an online claim notification system for products across many different partners and sales channels. Cardif’s main requirements for the system were scalability – both for the number of partners and the number of products – and easy maintenance.


Use cases

Claims form designer

Using Hyperon, business users can change label descriptions, attach different dictionaries to input fields and reorder components within predefined processes. Frontend components are reused, so less code is needed.

Risk definitions repository

A single risk may occur in more than one product. For each risk, the repository contains a name, description, availability status, relations between risks, coverages and sums insured.


That makes Hyperon the best fit for the kind of rules-heavy projects found often in the finance or insurance industries.


Easy maintenance

Claims forms are easily updated, and the risk repository eliminates redundancy.

One place for all claims

Even though Cardif works with many partners, there is only one online location for submitting claims, which reduces maintenance costs.