Deploying Hyperon

Getting started

Hyperon is a business rules engine and a business logic management system focused on performance. It enables a modification of business logic without touching the application's code. Despite such flexibility Hyperon searches huge decision tables (1M rows and larger) in microseconds. Hyperon provides a domain-specific language that allows developers to create complex logic as well as modules like domain designer, simulation, regression tests, data persister and much more.

System requirements for server set up:

Hyperon Studio is a Java application and can run with any Java 11 JRE or higher
on Windows, Linux/Unix and MacOS X.

System requirements for end user:

Chrome 30+, Safari 10+. IE 10+, FireFox 35+, Edge 8+.

From the tutorials you will learn:

  • what is Hyperon,
  • when to use Hyperon,
  • how to handle business logic,
  • how to parameterize your application,
  • how to write scripts for more complex cases,
  • how to make your application to use Hyperon,
  • how to make it extremely efficiently.