Deploying Hyperon

Hyperon applications upgrade

This is wise to upgrade Hyperon applications (the Studio and Runtime) for a newer version as we are repairing bugs and adding new features, so let's check how to do it in a few short steps.


  • As far hyperon-studio and hyperon-runtime are separate applications we truly recommend running them the same version
  • Hyperon Studio MUST BE STARTED FIRST! Why?Hyperon Studio is managing the Database Schema! And there is A MUST, to run a Hyperon Studio before Hyperon Runtime

1. Bump the hyperon-studio application

1.1 Download new Studio

The first step you should do is to head for new applications here. After filling the form, you will get mail with a link to your download page.

If your current version starts with 1.x and you want to bump version do 2.x line later go to this article. Pick a version you want to upgrade.

Depending on your needs, download the file/files (probably you use a war file with your tomcat)

1.2 Shut down a Hyperon Studio.

  • Turn off Hyperon Studio
  • You probably want to stop all running applications which are using hyperon-runtime, because we need to modify its database schema.

1.3 Remember to create a database backup!

Due to the fact, there might occur database updates, it would be very helpful if you prepare a Hyperon's database backup.

1.4 Switch .war files at your tomcat webapps directory

1.5 Start the hyperon-studio

If everything went well (and it should!) it's time to start the studio! After starting you should be able to see a standard Hyperon Studio login page (by default: https://{serverUrl}/hyperon/app).

2. Bump the hyperon-runtime in your applications

To do that you should perform only one step:

  • Hyperon Runtime is available at Maven Central repositories, so the easiest way to bump its version is to change a version number at your building script (pom.xml, build.gradle, etc). Here is a place where you can find our artifacts.

That's all! Now you can run your application with a brand new hyperon-runtime version

Remember, You must bump hyperon-studio firstly.