Business benefits

Easy maintenance

Hyperon excels in simplifying your applications maintenance. Thanks to user interface, you can click through business values, modify them and publish changes immediately (no deployment needed). Parameters can be edited directly by the business users (for instance product department can raise the prices). It also gives comfort to IT specialists, who don’t have to go through the code (usually written by somebody else), but easily edit values instead.
Edit and create parameters thanks to user interface
No need to scrape through the code! Modify business rules and parameters values in the user interface.
Respond to business needs faster
Your business environment is in a constant flux and you have to quickly react, if the law changes or the competition decrease their prices.
Manage and maintain configurations in one place
Configuration stored in Hyperon can be reused by unlimited systems in your corporate architecture via API. It’s great for reference data management.
Create new version of your parametrization with ease and manage all versions on the timeline. Several versions can coexist simultaneously.
Import / export do Excel
Your business users prefer Excel? No worry. Hyperon lets you import and export parameter values from / to Excel files.

Development cost decrease

Hyperon decreases development cost, because it supports separating business rules from the hard code and manage them through user interface. At first it might be more time consuming (setting up, learning a new tool, writing code with references to Hyperon), but in the long run you will benefit, because more things can be done by non-programmers (so your developers can focus on coding difficult things and let business change parameter values). Changing business rules in Hyperon is extremely fast and doesn’t require releasing new software version.
Separate business rules from the hard code
The business rules becomes independent from the hard code, so implementing it gets easier and more transparent.
Quickly react to business requirements changes
Requirements often changes during a project - Hyperon lets you modify business rules and parameters on the fly, so it supports agile development.
User interface ready
You don’t have to spend time on creating graphical user interface to edit parameter values or domain configuration. Hyperon Studio already provides it.
Configure parameters and domain instead of coding
Replace programming work with configuration work, which is less time-consuming and in most cases can be done by non-programmers.

Shorter time to market

With every additional product or service referring to Hyperon configuration, time to market shortens, because you can reuse existing parameters values and business rules, or duplicate and modify them to adjust a new product or service characteristics.
Coherent business definitions
After you create some architecture blocks (domain definition),  your application use them in context coherently
Reusing or duplicating existing configurations
Parameters and product definitions for one product provides a great start for creating and implementing new products
More diverse team on board
Hyperon enables you to replace some programming work with configuration work, so analysts and business specialists can help with the implementation.
Business domain easier to understand...
... both by business stakeholders and IT specialists. It lets you focus on the business side, not on the technicalities.

Elastic architecture

Hyperon adjusts to your business, not the other way around. Hyperon is flexible and comes as an empty shell, you fill with business definitions supporting the product or service architecture. Hyperon works with any JVM based language and is so fast, your app users will not notice any lags.
Business Domain Designer
Hyperon supports Domain Driven Design, so you can adjust it to your business architecture and product/service definitions.
Simplify complex models
Thanks to Domain Driven Design, Hyperon also lets your business stakeholder and IT specialist to speak the same language.
Any JVM language, any framework, any build tool
You can experience all Hyperon benefits, if your app is created using any JVM language (e.g. Java, Kotlin, Scala).
Hyper efficient
Hyperon Runtime is extremely fast. According to our benchmark, even 100,000 calculations can be processed in around 90 seconds.
Why Hyperon
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