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In a hectic world, where we’re always in a hurry, people value the stability and security that banks give them – but in addition to reliability, they also expect services to be extremely fast, and available anytime, anywhere, on any device. Hyperon helps banks meet that challenge.
Hyperon lets you maintain algorithms (as functions) and business rules (as parameters) outside your system’s hard code, and the parameters can be reused in any system. Hyperon can help you segment clients and personalize offers. And it’s all compatible with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation.
How can I efficiently maintain my credit scoring engine?
The algorithms that calculate an individual's credit score are complex; they can be based on hundreds of criteria and data points. And each algorithm needs to be evaluated regularly: Does it accurately predict the probability of repayment? That's why it’s important that scoring rules can be updated easily.
We’ve created proof of concept for Hyperon as a credit scoring engine, establishing several decision tables and functions. Do you value credit mix more than credit history length? Just change its priority. You can update parameters and functions effortlessly in Hyperon’s easy to use GUI.
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Key features
Web UI that lets users to manage their business rules
Engine embeddable as a lightweight jar
Evaluate parameters or functions via HTTP
Create multiple versions of the business logic and schedule them in a timeline
Design any domain you want to configure with business logic
Groovy-based scripting language that lets users to extend decision tables
Optional fast persister of domain model data
Monitor the usage of decision tables and DSL scripts or functions
You can import / export configuration from / to Excel
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