Use case

Reference data management

Postal codes, addresses, countries - those are one common examples of reference data. Several systems in company’s architecture use them in order to keep the data coherent and standardized. Hyperon lets you to create any data structure you want and use it in multiple systems thanks to API. All your data dictionaries are maintained in one application and you can easily manage it through user interface.

Manage and maintain configurations in one place
Master data stored in Hyperon ensures data coherency and can be linked to unlimited systems in your corporate architecture via API.
Easily edit dictionary values thanks to user interface
User interface enables to comfortably search the defined dictionaries and modify all the reference data.
Publish changes immediately
Changes are published immediately across all systems - there’s no need to release new versions of software.
User management
You can restrict access to defined groups of dictionaries thanks to organizing data structure into profiles.
You might need for one dictionary to operate in more than one version at the same time - Hyperon enables that.
Sample dictionaries we implemented
  • Postal codes
  • Addresses
  • Countries
  • Vehicles (insurance)
  • Risks and riders (insurance)
  • Product catalog - technical data (ecommerce)