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Insurance is a highly personalized business. In car insurance, we look at the driver (their accident history, experience and skills) and the vehicle (value, reliability, security measures). In life insurance we take personal health into account; in travel insurance, the duration and the destination matter the most.
Each client gets an offer precisely tailored to their needs, and every factor influences the final price.
Hyperon helps you manage your business rules, product metadata, data dictionaries, scoring and pricing algorithms. Hyperon can store anything that can be broken down to decision tables and functions written in the Groovy programming language, allowing you to respond quickly to market changes.
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Front-end configurator
Determine which front-end components are visible and their attributes
Health questionnaire designer
Create, edit and reorder questions, answers and the algorithm behind the results
Insurance coverage customization
Customize the sum insured and the premium
Investment simulations algorithm
Graph values are based on the algorithm kept in Hyperon
Document printouts conditioning
Determine the contents of printed offers and policies
Configuration dictionary
Store configurations to other systems
Claims form designer
Reorder components within predefined process
Risk definitions repository
Similar to product catalog but focuses on the perils and their attributes
User privileges matrix
For complex privileges strategy
and many more…
Hyperon benefits
Key features
Web UI that lets users to manage their business rules
Engine embeddable as a lightweight jar
Evaluate parameters or functions via HTTP
Create multiple versions of the business logic and schedule them in a timeline
Design any domain you want to configure with business logic
Groovy-based scripting language that lets users to extend decision tables
Optional fast persister of domain model data
Monitor the usage of decision tables and DSL scripts or functions
You can import / export configuration from / to Excel
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